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3010 Balanced preamplifier

Nuevo pre-amplificador de línea Boulder 3010


Boulder Amplifiers is pleased to announce preliminary information for the 3010 Stereo Preamplifier. It is a stereo preamplifier engineered to match the performance level of Boulder’s 3000 Series power amplifiers. The 3000 Series is Boulder’s highest performing product line. The 3000 Series is also a significant step up in performance over the 2100 Series, long considered the benchmark in home audio electronics.

Expected release date is February 2017. The U.S. retail price for the 3010 Preamplifier will be $130,000.

3010 Preamplifier

All current features of the 2110 Preamplifier will be included in the 3010 Preamplifier. In addition, there will be new circuitry and control features added to the 3010.

Some of the features of the 3010 Preamplifier will include:

• A new, matched, dual-phase gain stage in a single housing

• Three independent balanced outputs with a variety of configurations

• Full-time balance control

• A separate control to trim the gain on the currently selected input

• Mono function

• Six buffered, balanced analog inputs

• A large, full-color LCD display to clearly indicate all functions and settings

• Separate enclosure for left and right analog output sections

• Fully isolated power supply chassis

• Ethernet connection for integration with IP control systems and future updates

Dimensions for the 3010 are:

Preamp chassis: 19”W x 18”D x 9.25”H - Power supply chassis: 19”W x 18”D x 5.05”H

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