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Precios a 22 de Octubre de 2019
Productos Agrupar por tipo
DXC 2.2 MKII - DAC Multiformato - 768KHz 21.400,00 €  
DMT 3.7 - Lector Universal Audio Video 42.300,00 €  
PRS 1.5 - Dual-mono Balanced Line Preamplifier 23.000,00 €  
PHS 7.2 - Dual-mono Balanced Phono Preamplifier MM/MC "NOVIEMBRE 2019" 28.000,00 €  
MRB 1 - Todos los dispositivos JMF 500,00 €  
HQS 6002 - Stereo Dual-mono Balanced Amplifier 21.500,00 €  
HQS 1050 - Balanced Mono Amplifier 21.200,00 €  
HQS 7001 - Balanced Mono Amplifier 43.000,00 €  
HQS 9001 - Balanced Mono Amplifier 82.400,00 €  
PDC 302 - Dual-mono 32A - 7KW 17.300,00 €  
HPM 400 - T.A.D. 2 vías - 96dB - 400W 69.000,00 €  
HPM 500 - T.A.D. 2 vías - 96dB - 500W 93.200,00 €  
CM4E - Interconexión XLR - TSD blindado - 2x1,5m 2.700,00 €  
CM8C - Interconexión XLR - TSD blindado - 2x1,5m 5.650,00 €  
SR4C - Altavoz 6mm - TSD blindado - 2x2,5m 3.050,00 €  
SR8C - Altavoz 6mm - TSD blindado - 2x2,5m 7.400,00 €  
DP5B - Digital AES/EBU 110 Ohmios. - TSD blindado - 1,5m 2.550,00 €  
PC3CC - Corriente AC - SSD blindado - 1,5m 2.200,00 €  
JMF Audio, France, founded by Jean-Marie Fusilier, has designed and manufactured precision, high power and natural sounding reference audio power amplifiers since 1985. The quality of the products has convinced the most prestigious studios of Nashville (USA) and numerous professionals worldwide. In 2004, Jean-Marie Fusilier's two sons joined JMF Audio with advanced engineering skills and passion. After years of research and development JMF Audio proposes a product line of excellence that covers all aspects of audio ; for the discerning sound engineers, audiophiles, music lovers.

Jean-Marie Fusilier, power amplifiers, drivers, cables, acoustics.

Founder of JMF Electronique in 1974, pioneer and renown expert in high frequency (RF) and infra red electronics for industrial remote control applications. End clients names : AIRBUS, RENAULT RVI, PSA, THALES, SOLVAY, EUROTUNNEL, FRENCH ARMY... Holder of numerous patents. Created the audio department in 1985, by passion.
High fidelity audio enthusiast, Jean-Marie Fusilier designed, built and sold his first tube power amplifiers in the 60's and designed his first large scale speakers in the early 80's.

Laurent Fusilier, analog and digital electronics, signal processing, acoustics.

Graduate HES Engineer (Switzerland) in electronics and from SUPELEC in signal processing (thesis in applied psychoacoustics at Siemens Research, USA). Holder of several patents. Immersed in electronics and music from a very young age.

Arnaud Fusilier, mechanics, drivers, speakers, acoustics.

Graduate ENI Engineer in mechanical engineering and from ENSEEIHT in robotics (thesis at the University of Winnipeg, Canada). Holder of several patents. Immersed in music and electroacoustics from a very young age.

The Music, the Sound... our dedication meets your passion.

JMF Audio proves that only very high precision can guarantee very high musicality and fidelity.
"Very high precision" does not only mean superior measurement numbers, the concept goes far beyond ; it is a convergence of scientific rigor and craftsman's work of art to reach the pinnacle of musical rendering : the three dimensional sound stage, the accurate timbres, the subtle ambiances, the fullness, the emotion, the universality...
Only few parameters are measurable with traditional methods and this is where knowhow makes the great difference.
At JMF Audio the head engineers are the managers. The products and the components are designed in-house and built by our experienced technicians, our exclusive gold plated printed circuit boards require hand soldering, the loudspeakers are handmade by our master artisan... A great majority of European components are employed and most of them are made to measure specifically. At last every unit is checked on listening test in our studios after a burn-in phase to ensure that the client receives the best. This is no factory production, this is excellence, this is absolutely unique.
For the world class recording studios, now also for your home...
JMF Audio means over 30 years of experience in audio with references worldwide, servicing the most demanding professionals in terms of musical truth and listening comfort (see history). This knowhow has been developed and is now also at reach of the discerning audiophiles through the JMF Audio reference product line.
To discover it, audio enthusiasts and music lovers are welcome to visit the labs, the workshops, and to listen to 100% JMF Audio systems in our two large listening rooms, in France, on appointment.
No fashion...
JMF Audio products are off fashion and timeless. JMF Audio products are references for natural sounding and true music. Time goes by but quality remains. World class studios have trusted our 1988 products until now and still do not ask for a change. Few makes can pride of such a fact.
JMF Audio products have been associated with other devices and other speakers at customers' places with great success. However a 100% JMF Audio system inspires serenity and is the dream for all. Those who own it are fulfilled.

All JMF Audio products are intuitive to use and do not feature unnecessary options.

There is no other option than beautiful natural sound...

COMENTARIOS - Professionals:

Mr. Nicolas Stawski, recording/mixing engineer, studio owner in Paris, France. (2014)

(HQS9001, SR8, PC3, custom monitors and integration)
"The listening is of an incredible precision. The image is superb and the results translate absolutely well to the outside world [...] It must be lived to be believed. It got beyond my expectations. Thank you."

Mr. Mick A., world class studio owner in New York City, USA
"You definitely make the best electronics in the world [...]" (2007) formely using famed Swiss made pre. and amps.

Mr. Carlo Talamona, world class studio owner in Italy
"I have owned my (JMF Audio) power amps since the early 90's and I believe they are still on top..." (2007)

Mr. Alain Amouyal, composer, world class studio owner, south of France.
Artists Without Frontiers
Owns JMF Audio power amplifiers and uses them to control his challenging recordings and mixings. "I am glad you took up the challenge and wish you a great success"

Polygone Studios, Toulouse, France (JMF Audio amplification and cables):
"I could not live without them" (HQS3200 power amplifiers, M. Delmas)
"The new HQS9001 sound wonderful and so powerful" (new studio owner)

COMENTARIOS - Artists, sound engineers:

Philippe Teissier-du-Cros, sound recording/mixing engineer and producer,

Architekt of Sound (2014)

Michel Polnareff's sound engineer: Mr. Stéphane Plisson, after listening to the HPM1000 system in DVD :
"This is large scale natural music [...] Voices come so clear to me [...] such a presence..." (2008)

Jean-Michel Jarre's keyboard player: Mr. Rimbert, after listening to the HPM1000 system in stereo and DVD :
"I cannot believe it, we can hear everything, it is so nice" (2008)

James D., studio maintenance engineer, UK:

Listening to the HPM500 system "You make me freak..." (2011)

J-R., professional musician and producer, FR:

"I only trusted vinyl records. With JMF Audio, there is no so-called digital sound. It is extremely aired, lively, full..." (2013)

COMENTARIOS - Visitantes, profesionales y periodistas de audio - Visitors' comments:

"We are not listening to a system, we are taking part! Such a subtlety! This is absolutely remarkable. I had never heard such a result in all my career [...] I am retired but in another life, I'd sell JMF Audio only." Once back in Paris: "I must admit I still have difficulties to realize what I heard from my discs. It is starting to miss me. I just wrote an article on my blog to share my experience: > read article (french)" (2014)
David Blecher, ex. manager of Présence Audio Conseil, Paris, respected hi-end audio equipment seller since the mid 70's, former sound engineer.

"An unforgettable sound experience!
It does only exist high sensitivity (unfortunately too rare) mastered (JMF Audio has achieved it) to reach such a realism, being on aspects of: dynamics, energy, swiftness, and image (size of the sound stage!); timbres refinement (indeed here too...); and bandwidth expansion...
A realism that many systems dream of « tickling » one day."
P. Sanches. Audiophile Society President, France, via e-mail (2013)

"Conviction, it is the first word that I wrote on my notes of listening impressions [...] It is absolutely not usual for me, but here I found myself willing to clap the fingers, shake my feet and my head. I really had to keep control and I wondered whether I was going into a frenzy [...] Whichever the type of music, I got seduced with the simple straightforwardness, an emotional direct link with music [...] It is difficult to get an idea from reading the web site [...] My only advice is to accept the invitation that is made on the site to come over and live an intense sensorial experience [...] The first time I came to Saint-Peter-of-Rome, I got amazed [...] Today I find myself in the same situation. I had to leave the article rest for a while not to write under the strike of the emotion [...]"
J-M. Villafranca, Switzerland, extracts from "Visit at JMF Audio", Audiophile Magazine (2014)

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