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Precios a 19 de Julio de 2019
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1. LC-V 2 vías. 7/5 Ohms. Natural Wood
Lc-6.75F - Monitor para soporte de pie o estantería - Front Reflex 7.800,00 €  
Lc-8.1F - Monitor para soporte de pie o estantería - Front Reflex 9.400,00 €  
4. BBSM-H 2 vías . 4/2 Ohms . Natural Wood
BBSM-04F - Monitor de estantería - Front Reflex 9.100,00 €  
BBSM-05F - Monitor de estantería - Front Reflex 11.700,00 €  
5. BBSM-H 3 vías . 4/2 Ohms . Natural Wood
BBSM-06F - Monitor de estantería - Front Reflex 19.300,00 €  
7. BBSM-V 3 vías . 4/2 Ohms . Natural Wood
BBSM-10VNF - Monitor de suelo - Front Reflex 43.900,00 €  
8. TOWER 3 vías . 4/2 Ohms. Paneles Negro-Pro / Natural Wood / Black Piano
T-5 - Monitor de suelo - Front Reflex (PVP paneles negro-pro texturado) 35.000,00 €  
T-6 - Monitor de suelo - Front Reflex (PVP paneles negro-pro texturado) 43.600,00 €  
Mission Statement

Westlake Audio strives to design and build loudspeakers that are as accurate to the source recording as currently possible given the existing level of technology and to research methods of improving this technology for future generations of loudspeakers.

Our responsibility to the customer is to provide products that not only meet our design goals for performance but also achieve a level of reliability that will ensure the enjoyment of our loudspeakers for years to come.

An acceptable level of performance and standard for reliability will only come from our own diligence in manufacturing which is ensured by the testing, retesting, and further retesting of our products before they can be called Westlake Audio loudspeakers.

The Reference Approach

Because loudspeakers tend to be the most "colored" component in the audio chain, many designers choose to use these inherent coloration's to "paint" a picture of the music. Instead of trying to eliminate these unwanted distortions, the designer tries to work around them. While some passages played through a loudspeaker such as this may be pleasing, it is not an accurate portrayal of the music on the original recording.

The reference approach seeks to eliminate all distortions from a loudspeaker. Westlake, by paying close attention to distortions caused by the cabinet, crossover, and drivers, has severely reduced or eliminated many loudspeaker problems. The result is a more faithful reproduction of the music without adding a characteristic loudspeaker signature.

Musical information that was previously masked by distortion with other loudspeakers will be reproduced with the utmost clarity by the Westlake loudspeaker. While this approach makes the differences between good and poor recordings more noticeable, the Westlake loudspeaker, combined with the proper associated equipment and a good recording, is as close to live music as is currently possible.

Loudspeaker Design Philosophy

Westlake Audio loudspeakers are designed to be as accurate to the source recording as possible while providing a high degree of musical enjoyment. The specific attributes that make this approach possible are:

Wide Bandwidth

Low I.M. Distortion
Good Power Handling
Pinpoint Stereo Imaging

The same technology that is used in our professional monitors is used in our consumer loudspeakers as well. The BBSM-VNF series products are a direct adaptation of our BBSM series professional monitors.

The BBSM-VNF loudspeakers are constructed using the same individual drivers, 24 dB/octave crossovers, and dampened cabinet as found in our professional products. In addition to paired drivers, the crossovers are assembled using matching parts for the left and right speaker; Solen polypropylene capacitors and hand-wound air core inductors. Rather than using a P.C. board, the crossover is point to point wired and tested for magnetic interaction of parts.

The goal of the BBSM-VNF series product was to create a loudspeaker by which the listener would be able to hear every nuance of the original performance without added distortions that would color the sound.

Assurance of Quality

Audio, like many high technology fields, has a reputation for companies that offer the "latest" product but a few years later are out of business and nowhere to be found. While many new, small companies offer exciting products, it is often the dealer who is left to support their products when ambitious efforts have failed and the company has disappeared.

With a background in audio that spans over 40 years, Westlake has been unyielding in our devotion to both dealers and customers. The level of service that Westlake offers their users can be expressed in the fact that Westlake stocks replacement drivers for every model of speaker Westlake has ever made!

Because of the level of testing that is involved in the construction of the loudspeakers, dealers and customers are virtually guaranteed that the Westlake loudspeakers will perform without fail. Our products are hand made to exacting specifications to ensure that they will be enjoyed for years to come.
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