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Digital DAC
DAC Multiformato - 768KHz

Formatos CD - HDCD - SACD - Blu Ray Pure Audio
Resoluciones soportadas 16..24 bits / 32, 44.1, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 KHz
Tecnología de conversión DMSS "Super Symmetrical" DA768 (705.6 & 768 KHz)
Entradas digitales 2 SPDIF + 2 AES/EBU + USB 2.0 (Audio Class 1, 2 seleccionable)
Salidas analógicas 1 estéreo RCA asimétrica + 1 estéreo XLR simétrica
Volumen - Impedancia de salida Fijo (con previo) & Variable (70 pasos de 1 dB) - 50 Ohms RCA y XLR
Dinámica - Nivel de salida 130 dB (real, sin función auto-mute) - 7 Vpc XLR / 4 Vpc RCA

Acerca de este producto...

Acabados estándar:

- Frontal de aluminio natural cepillado.

- Frontal de madera de nogal serigrafiada con láser.

The 768 kHz DAC: 4x the limit of Bluray and 8x the equivalent of SACD!

> DXC2.2 MKII is ultra high performance, universal, future proof yet clean and simple to use.

> MCLK3 locking mechanism is JMF Audio’s smart answer to clocking issues with transports.

> USB module permits bit-perfect operation with isolation and local synchronization!

> DA768 conversion rates of 705.6 and 768kHz allows PCM audio to outperform DSD (SACD)!

> DMSS super symmetrical conversion on gold plated substrate is precision analog piece of art!


Mr. Martin (HQS7001, PRS1.5, CM4, DXC2.2-MKII) former user of DCS with external clock:

"I plugged in the DXC2.2 MKII last Saturday and the listening is staggering. Same feeling as with the change of preamp. The mids are realy worthy of JMF Audio (French Musical Jewel) and the listening in general shows unequalled presence, fullness and sweetness. [...] The Mahler's 10th symphony played with my Kalista (CD transport) has reached a never imagined level of dynamics, sound stage and analog feel..."

Mr. D.H. (HPM500, HQS9001, PRS1.5, DXC2.2-MKII) former DXC version 1 owner, after comparison demo:

"Great and clear improvement, superb sound stage and musicality (AES-EBU and USB), I look forward to receiving mine"

Mr. K.F. (HQS9001, PRS1.5, DXC2.2-MKII) Asia, hi-end audio equipment importer:

"Yes we have received the DXC2.2-MKII. The sound is amazing! We appreciate the ability to play 24bit/192kHz files as well as CDs through JMF Audio's technology."

Mr. J.D. (HQS6002, DXC2.2-MKII, CM4, DP2, PC3) France, JBL speakers, formerly using Jeff Roland, Wadia, Audioquest:

"I don't define myself as an audiophile since I don't listen to jazz or classical, but anyway, the difference [with my previous equipment] is stunning! I rediscover all my recordings... I have purchased a lot of new CDs and DVDs since! I also subscribed to an online music service [stream to the DAC] which made me discover talented artists, in hi-res!"

Mr. S.R: (DXC2.2-MKII)

"CDs sound so natural, open! Definitely forgot about SACDs! [...] The results with Bluray discs at 24/96, 24/176, 24/192 are excellent."

Mr. J-R (professional musician and producer):

"I only trusted vinyl records. I had never liked CDs. But with JMF Audio, there is no so-called 'digital sound'. It is extremely aired, lively, full. We were shocked..."

Mr. J.S (DXC2.2):

"I auditioned the DXC2.2 several years ago. The sound was really 'analog'. Unfortunately I could not afford it. So a dealer sold me the three unit MSB stack. It is good, it is precise, but there is not the life of the JMF. I finaly found a second hand unit when you released the MKII. Precision is one thing, but the DXC2.2 goes much further than that."

After visit at JMF Audio: "We have the feeling that music is played slower, that the musicians are relaxed. [...] Today we listened to Music!"

Mr. Rinder (HQS2400, SR4, CM4, DXC2.2) on JBL speakers :

"The DAC is wonderful, so musical! It is strange but I feel like the musicians are in my living room"

Mr. Stephan (HQS6002, SR4, CM4, DXC2.2) :

"I never thought so much could be gained from digital"

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