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JMF AUDIO - DMT 3.7 (Serie 1.0 DIGITAL )
Digital Transport
Lector Universal Audio Video

Audio CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, Bluray-Audio
Video DVD, Bluray
Files WAV, FLAC, AAC, DSD...
Decoding Dolby True HD, DTS Master Audio...
Streaming DLNA (no need for a computer, no need for software to install)

Acerca de este producto...

Preliminary information. Release plan October 2015.

"digital audio with the precision analog perspective, for the first time ever: magical sound"

> World first machined Bluray optical mechanism: JMF Audio BDPM1, a masterpiece

> World first player to handle Bluray Pure Audio discs as CDs (no screen, no menu)

> Unique vibration control concept (cone-ball feet, composite materials, aeronautic processes)

> MCLK3 clocking circuits with custom reference clocks

> Hand soldered audio printed circuit boards

> The sound...

The Blu-ray Pure Audio disc is the media we had been waiting for.

DMT3.7 is the universal transport you have been dreaming of:

Music on discs (CD, SACD, DVD, Bluray) and dematerialized (external HDD, USB drive, network, streaming).

The Bluray Pure Audio discs made as easy to use as CDs (world first). > download brochure

JMF Audio signal processing and MCLK3 clocking, common to all sources.

Advanced and independent power supplies for disc drive, audio and video.

Two modes of operation: pure audio and video.

Outputs audio stereo SPDIF and AES-EBU 192kHz, precision matched.

Outputs audio multichannel over HDMI in PCM and DSD.

Outputs video over HDMI in HD, upscaling to 4k.

Easy control with the JMF Audio MBR1 remote.

Advanced control with tablet/smartphone/computer.

September 25th 2015, presentation of the DMT3.7 to the privileged first owners > read the report

Audio discs CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, Bluray-Audio

Video discs DVD, Bluray

Files WAV, FLAC, AAC, DSD...

Decoding Dolby True HD, DTS Master Audio...

Streaming DLNA (no need for a computer, no need for software to install)

Bluray Pure Audio: the guaranteed high definition, the ease of use

> Pure Audio Recordings (Berliner Philharmoniker Records, Farao Classics, London Symphony Orchestra...)

> 2L, the Norwegian record company produces Bluray Pure Audio discs

> DECCA, the famous classical music label goes Bluray Pure Audio

> Deutsche Grammophon (classical)

> Verve Records (blues, jazz)

> Sono Liminus, first American label to produce Pure Audio Bluray discs (classical, jazz, folk, rock)

> The Jazz Line - Delta Music - Germany

> NAXOS (classical)

> Blue Note (jazz)

> Universal Music Bluray Pure Audio store (classical, pop, rock)

> The Bluray Pure Audio standard

> JMF Audio and MSM Studios, brochure for Hifideluxe

The JMF Audio front-end (the DMT3.7 transport and the DXC2.2 MKII converter) is the only source in the world capable of playing all types of discs and converting any audio to 705/768kHz!

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Transporte DMT3.7 - Universal Transport

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