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Dual-mono Balanced Pre-Amplifier

Respuesta de frecuencia 1 Hz - 100 KHz (+0.0/-0.1 dB) / 20 Hz - 20 KHz (+0.0/-0-0 dB)
Impedancias: Entrada - Salida Entrada: >5 KOhms/XLR & RCA - Salida: 50 Ohms
Relación Señal/Ruido >130 dB (22 dB 1 KHz) / 128 dB (22..22 KHz)
Distorsión THD+N 0.0005% Typ. (+22 dB 1 KHz in / bw. 22..22 KHz)
Entradas analógicas 3 simétricas XLR + 3 asimétricas RCA
Salidas analógicas 2 simétricas XLR + 1 asimétrica RCA

Acerca de este producto...
Acabados estándar:

-Frontal de aluminio natural cepillado.

-Frontal de madera de nogal serigrafiada con láser.

The PRS1.5 is a dual mono, fully balanced design that embeds the innovative CSV volume control !

> CSV is a fully passive volume control system based on a digitally controlled switches network.

> CSV by concept features zero noise, zero distortion, zero phase shift, infinite headroom!

> CSV is sealed and shielded in a massive tooled block of aluminum with the JMF Audio logo engraved on.

> CSV features a quadruple redundancy for an expected life time superior to the best potentiometers.

> CSV is input and output buffered in the PRS1.5 by JMF Audio's SSA Super Symmetrical Analog technology.


Mr. C.M. (HQS9001, PRS1.5, CM4)

"Saturday I plugged the (PRS1.5) preamp in my Mark Levinson 436. Right from the first notes: clearly superior to my ML32, better hold low frequencies and more dynamic, unique JMF Audio mids for musicality, wider and nearer sound stage. In summary: more music and less hifi. A reference preamp to be associated to all power amps. Congratulations on this success!" Mr. C.M. soon after purchased HQS7001 power amplifiers, and later upgraded to HQS9001.

Mr. M.I. (HQS7001, PRS1.5, CM4, SR8, PC2), Asia, JBL speakers:

"We were shocked (when we first listened with the PRS1.5 and CM4B cables). What I can say is that the sound is very flat over the frequencies and the sound has become soft. At the same time, it sounds as if it is with very very very high resolution. Moreover, [...] I am experiencing what you meant by *wider sound stage, 3D rendering, air* ; which you used to explain the HQS9001 performance at the beginning of the communications with you. [...] My friend (who owns the) Accuphase C-2810 prefers the PRS1.5 [...]. Thank you for providing jewelry products."

Mr. R.Y. (HQS6002, PRS1.5, SR8, CM4), Singapore, formerly Wavac mono amps and preamp.

"I’ve been using a Japanese brand (tube amp) called Wavac and cables were either Argento Audio (Denmark) or Crystal Cable (Netherland). The most notable difference was the liveliness of the music, the soundstage and details. Your amp is also quieter." via email (2011)

Mr. J.P. (HPM500, HQS9001, PRS1.5, SR8, CM4, DXC6.10) formerly Lamm preamplifier and amplifiers.

"I admitted that with your DAC [version 1] the sound was excellent without a preamp." [...] When the PRS1.5 came out: "I have had very good feedback from my trusted friend. Please reserve one for me." After reception: "It is true that with the addition of the PRS1.5 and the DAC running at full resolution, the result is sensibly better on every aspects. Your next clients will be very surprised."

Mr. A.M. (HQS9001, PRS1.5, DXC2.2 MKII, SR8, CM4) formerly Spectral preamplifier and amplifiers.

"I first tried the [JMF Audio] DXC2.2 [version 1] with and without my [former] preamplifier. I didn't find an improvement with the preamplifier. So I sold it and I was confident using the JMF Audio DAC directly, given that I have digital sources only." After demo of the PRS1.5 prototype: "It is shocking. The sound is greater. I must plan this purchase. Please keep me posted with the first clients' comments." After delivery: "I can listen louder, the sound is clearer, wider, more lively; there is so much more information... Congratulations for having taken up this challenge. I can believe that the other clients are amazed..." Mr. A.M later upgraded to DXC2.2 MKII.

Mr. J.M.B. (PRS1.5, PC3)

"Owner of a high quality Linn system (Komri Aktiv (8 Klimax solo…) linked to a Lenco 75 JTN (I am a vinyl addict), I had been looking at replacing my Klimax Kontrol preamp for years.

After analyzing the market and a few tests (Audio Research, Mark Levinson…), I was not satisfied about the results, especially for the price, a friend suggested me JMF Audio that offered to test at home their PSR1.5 model. After one week of direct comparison, I concluded: what a superb transparency! More details. Simply Music. The three dimensional rendering is gigantic. Loudspeakers and walls just disappeared… It confirmed me that even if the source quality is very important, the preamp quality shall not be neglected. For myself, I have found my happiness [EDIT] the last preamp of my life... My system is now musical… Before acquiring a new high price preamp, I strongly advise to evaluate JMF Audio…" (2014)

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