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Etapas Estereofónicas
Stereo Dual-mono Balanced Amplifier

Respuesta de frecuencia 3-100.000 Hz (-3 dB) / 3-40.000 Hz (0 dB)
Potencia continua (RMS) 8/4/2 Ohmios: 2 x (250/450/550)W - Limitado a 1 Ohm
Impedancia de entrada - Nivel máximo de entrada 20 K-Ohmios - 28 V (pico a pico)
Capacidad de corriente - Relación señal ruido 80 A por canal - S/R: >(-122 dB)
Entradas analógicas - Conexiones de altavoz 2 x XLR (Gold-Neutrik) - 2 x 6 mm (120 A). Incluye adaptadores 4 mm
1.0 Circuitos de protección automática Señales de alta frecuencia - Señales por debajo de 3 Hz
1.1 Circuitos de protección automática Sobrecalentamiento - Sobrecargas - Cortocircuitos
Medidas en mm - Peso neto 483 ancho x 140 alto x 500 fondo - 24 Kg

Acerca de este producto...

Incluye cable de red PC3 CL (cordón umbilical).

Alimentación: 100V, 120V, 230V (selección interna).

Acabados estándar:

-Frontal de aluminio natural cepillado.

-Frontal de madera de nogal serigrafiada con láser.


Mr. R.Y. (HQS6002, PRS1.5, SR8, CM4), Singapore, formerly Wavac mono amps and preamp.

"I’ve been using a Japanese brand (tube amp) called Wavac and cables were either Argento Audio (Denmark) or Crystal Cable (Netherland). The most notable difference was the liveliness of the music, the soundstage and details. Your amp is also quieter." via email (2011)

Mr. B. F., USA, (HQS6002D).

"I am pleased. The sound is imperial, calm. Beyond sound quality, the facts that the case is sealed and that passing to 230VAC is easy (for when I'll be back in Europe), give me the feeling that I purchased an apparatus for a lifetime, without any fuss or doubt regarding my choice."

Mr. B.F. (HQS6002) F, USA:

"The demos in your rooms were the best I had heard in 15 years of listening in the audiophile world as well as in professional studios. Absolute transparency, much energy, deep and hyper stable image, no listening fatigue, no stress when listening"

Mr. S.D. (HQS6002, DXC2.2, SR4, CM4, PC2) JBL monitors :

"About 10 years ago I heard about JDF Audio thanks to a sound engineer. After many years experiencing with different hifi and professional equipments, I had a chance to put my hands on HQS2400 power amps. I finally got power as well as musicality to drive my JBL monitors. The path toward the new JMF Audio releases was natural and marked a last step forward. The resemblance is here along with a feel that the power delivery is endless while being melodious right from the first watt"

Mr. J.D. (HQS6002, DXC2.2-MKII, CM4, DP2, PC3) France, JBL speakers, formerly using Jeff Roland, Wadia, Audioquest:

"I don't define myself as an audiophile since I don't listen to jazz or classical, but anyway, the difference [with my previous equipment] is stunning! I rediscover all my recordings... I have purchased a lot of new CDs and DVDs since! I also subscribed to an online music service [stream to the DAC] which made me discover talented artists, in hi-res!"

Mr. Mic A., world class studio owner and sound engineer in New York City, USA

"In the early 90's I visited Masterfonics Studios, Nashville, and compared your mono amplifiers to their famed [Swiss] competitors. [The studio kept the Swiss ones as back-up] That day I had the feeling that the [Swiss] better hold the monitors... When my own recording studio was built, I took time to run a comparison again and realized that your amplifiers actually did sound more natural and accurate with a greater sound stage rendering. I have used your amplifiers since and have placed the preamplifier in front, linked with your extraordinary modulation cables. [...] You definitely make the best electronics in the world [...]" (2007)

Mr. Carlo Talamona, world class studio owner in Italy

"I have owned my (JMF Audio) power amps since the early 90's and I believe they are still on top..." (2007)

Mr. Alain Amouyal, classical music composer, world class studio owner, France.

"Frames for a Fairy Tale", performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, recorded in London, masters controlled with JMF Audio power amplifiers.

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