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Acondicionadores de corriente
Dual-mono 32A - 7KW

Concepto Doble-mono
Entradas 10 filtradas (6 completamente independientes)
Tipo de conmutación Secuencial de izquierda a derecha
Corriente de entrada 32 A (16 A nominales por entrada)
Potencia de salida >7 KW (3,5 KW por canal a 230 V de tensión)
Alimentación - Fase 100 V..240 V - Detección automática de fase
Tipo de chasis - Peso neto Antivibratorio- Ancho 483 mm - 23 Kg

Acerca de este producto...

Incluye 2 cables de red PC3 CL (cordón umbilical).

Acabados estándar:

-Frontal de aluminio natural cepillado.

-Frontal de madera de nogal serigrafiada con láser.


H. D. (HPM500, HQS9001, PRS1.5, DXC2.2-MKII, CM4, PC3) formerly Shunyata Triton+Typhon+King Cobra

Comparison at the client's: "I am disappointed... I thought my Shunyata would defend better..." [teasing].

Once acquired: "Last week-end I reorganized all my system [...] How easy and quick it has become with the ability to power on/off with 1 button instead of 7 before!! And then:

- Definitely an improvement on musicality with respect to my previous filters!

- Better sharpness, a veil has been removed, a greater definition of the sound stages, three dimensional space!

- Music becomes more lively, more touchable, and comes the wish to listen even louder [...]

- Real significant gap, as experienced on the first test together at home, and even better when placing the sources on the PCD302 as well instead of on the Accuphase." (via email)

C. M. (HQS9001, PRS1.5, DXC2.2-MKII, CM4, PC3) formerly Shunyata Hydra

Prototype demo at JMF Audio: "What a surprise. For sure we did not expect a mains filter from JMF Audio" [...]

Listen: "It is sweet, incredibly soft, increased definition! Looking forward to trying it at home!"

Once acquired: "My first feelings on the JMF filter in replacement of my Shunyata Hydra 8 and Anaconda Alpha cord: indisputably an exceptional sonic improvement! In a few words: less hardness, more natural and a fluidity second to none, even on violent passages. A full and ample sound, far from the HIFI tones of the competition. Please warn the next persons that testing is adopting because it is almost impossible to get back to the previous listening. Again congratulations for this step forward that sets a milestone." (via email)

A. M. (HQS9001, PRS1.5, DXC2.2-MKII, CM4, PC3) (2013):

"Just a message to report about the result of my long listenings last week end. In summary it is an excellent result. I did not expect something so obvious. With the demo, we already noticed that a veil had been removed showing a much clearer sound. Now I have been able to appreciate the change on the sound stage. In several recordings we catch very easily the dimension of the room (in which the musicians perform). I made long listenings at high level and this was very pleasant, without fatigue. Congratulations it is remarkable and I am not surprised with the success."

O. G. (HQS7001, DXC2.2-MKII, SR8, CM4, PC3), Paris:

"When I got the PC3 power cords, I bypassed my former audiophile mains conditioner. Therefore I was confident about the PCD302 mains filter. Moreover, the filtering principle pleased me. In the end the PCD302 is also highly effective at home. There is more air. Sound is free of granularity. Overall, there is more music. When removing my PCD302, it is like if there were artifacts, especially in the top end"

G.T.A. (tube amps user) Singapore:

"I am buying it blind. I hope I won't be disappointed since my standard is extremely high"

After reception:

"It is the best that I have ever heard! It surpasses all AC conditioner out there. Dynamic no compression at all! Images are rock solid. And bass solidity improves tremendously. And there is a lot of tonal color. Punch and attack are all there! I need to import at least another one." (via email)

Tan H.F., Malaysia:

"PCD302 received with thanks. Indeed, it performs superbly... Quietens the system to allow the music to flow through effortlessly. [...] You can use my comments anyway you want." via email (2015)

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